Lucca’s Best Kept Secrets – No. 2

Renee Lenzarini:

No. 2 – Climb to the top of one of Lucca’s numerous towers

Ok, so this is the perfect opportunity to do a little bit of exercise on your trip … 200 plus steps in fact. I know, I know, you’re on holiday, but believe me when I say it is well worth it for the spectacular view of the city and surrounding countryside (plus your buns will thank you for it). During my most recent visit, which was only last July, I climbed the tallest of the towers, Torre delle Ore (or the Clock Tower) situated on Via Fillungo. The most popular of the towers however, is Torre Guinigi, distinguished by the holm oak trees on top as a symbol of rebirth. If you’re feeling energetic, guess what? You can purchase a discounted ticket which admits entry to both towers!!

Photography credit: Renee Lenzarini

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