Lucca’s Best Kept Secrets – No. 4

Renee Lenzarini:

No. 4 – Shop til you drop along Via Fillungo / ‘Il Panda shoe store’

Take a stroll down Lucca’s main street, or maybe even several times (I mean you do have to get back to your parking spot after all) and you will find what makes Italy one of the fashion Meccas of the world. Windows filled with clothes and shoes galore, bookstores, jewelry and everything else.

One of my all-time favourite stores is called Il Panda and you will find it about half way down the street. It stocks both men and women’s shoes at all prices … hence why both myself and my partner walked away with many bags in hand. This is where I purchased a pair of the original ballerine in lilac and I just adore them. The same owners also have two other shoe stores along this same street so I’m sure you will be making a few purchases. 

The shopping however is not just all about the stand out fashion but also what this country is most known for … the food of course!!  Make sure you venture down some of the surrounding streets to sample the tasty olive oil, fresh bread, sweet buccellato and castagnaccio and per forza the wine (More tips to come on this topic!).

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