IFF Film in Review: ‘Perfect Strangers’

By Renee Lenzarini

“Revealing the skilful balance of comedy and drama, that is Italian cinema, this witty film had myself and my best friend talking long after the closing credits had finished.

Exploring the concept of mobile phones as the modern day diary of our lives, ‘Perfect Strangers’ challenges the audience’s take on reality and morality.

The stage is set at a dinner party, where the protagonists slowly air their dirty laundry over a four course meal (in true Italian style), beckoning the answer to the question, how well do you know your loved ones and closest friends?

From start to finish, the story line is made of many laughs and gasps and an admission of guilt you won’t see coming!

Like any great film, this left us wanting more and lucky for us the festival is running until October 12th … The Space Between is next on our list! What’s on yours?”

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