Adriano Terni

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Adriano is our quiet and unassuming chef. Preparing lunch everyday for us all, we are his most difficult customers to satisfy.

He makes the most of the warmer weather by getting outdoors.  One of his favourite things is to have a refreshing dip in his pool after a hard day of work.  On the weekends you will always find him bike riding and enjoying a cappuccino along the way.

Having studied his craft in Florence, Italy, Adriano traveled all over Europe acquiring and implementing new skills before shipping his talent to Perth. Over the years he has fashioned his own methods as head chef of numerous successful restaurants.

Adriano is always both deliberate and meticulous, keeping his kitchen in a spotless condition. Appreciating the quality of produce, our chef tends to each ingredient with the utmost care and respect. Adriano uses his cultivated set of culinary skills to finely tune our recipes and ensure that they continue to be made with the authenticity in which they were created.



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