Carlo Lenzarini

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Carlo is the true embodiment of what it means to be a family business person who lives and breathes it in his soul.

On his day off, you would think that Carlo would sleep in, but instead you’ll find him whizzing on his bike up to Kalamunda for a Sunday morning ride. He loves the camaraderie of the peloton and indulging in the simple joys like a well-earned espresso with his cycling enthusiasts. If you want to bring out the rowdy in him, than it’s got to be about soccer and of course his beloved Fiorentina.

Because of his birth place and his strong Tuscan roots, Carlo also enjoys good wine and good food, keeping up to date with the ever expanding Perth food scene.

For over 35 years, Carlo Lenzarini has devoted his life to building the Golden Ravioli reputation for excellence alongside his father Narciso Lenzarini, who is one of the founding members. As a young man Carlo earned his stripes in the business the old fashioned hard way of migrant businesses in Perth in the 1970’s. He began with the guidance of his uncles and father on the production floor, progressing to his current position.

Carlo has worked tirelessly to help build the family business from the ground up and nurture Golden Ravioli into the modern operation it is today.  Carlo has been instrumental in setting up and streamlining proper processes and procedures in the business management side of Golden Ravioli. He ushered the business into the electronic age of bookkeeping and modern accounting practices. Helping in management production, doing delivery runs, or refining aspects of office management and logistics at the company is all part of a day’s work for Carlo.

Customers and suppliers alike know that Carlo’s unfailing work ethic and meticulous attention to standards means that everyone receives a top quality service from Golden Ravioli.  It is this loyal care-taking that has seen Golden Ravioli thrive and will ensure it’s success in the future.



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