Mimma Italiano

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Mimma is our cannelloni expert, hand rolling them for so long that we have forgotten when she started.

Our hot and fiery Calabrisella, whose not so secret passion is watching Italian telefilms featuring Gabriel Garko, Mimma enjoys getting dressed up for a night out.  Having nine sisters, there is always an occasion for her to celebrate. She loves to spoil her grandchildren and go for coastal walks.

Starting her affiliation with the Lenzarinis whilst working at the Romany Restaurant, Mimma is now essentially a member of our family. Although so many years ago, Mimma recalls having to help Danny separate each single raviolo by hand from the reels of pasta sheets.

After 30 years of experience Mimma has undoubtedly earned the title of Pasta Technician.  An expert in the practical application of the science of pasta, or in other words, the hands on stuff, she specialises in the craft of making cannelloni.  Mimma is both efficient and precise in shaping one of our top sellers, no longer needing to measure quantities – it’s all done by sight. She is a treasure to work with and we appreciate having her as part of our team.



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