Narciso Lenzarini


Always impeccably dressed in a collared shirt and trousers, once Narciso gets going he doesn’t stop. He is our in-house taste tester, and it’s safe to say Narciso’s likes include work and dislikes not working.

When he isn’t at Golden Ravioli you will find him gardening and spending time with his family.

He also has a penchant for the food on boat cruises just not the cruise itself, loves a caffè after lunch and unwinds by watching anything on the Rai channel.

Arriving in Australia from Tuscany on 9 October, 1960, Narciso joined his three brothers and took a chance on a new and unchartered venture.  Back home in Italy the brothers had been contadini or peasant farmers, working the land to sell their crops and livestock.  This experience laid the foundation for his understanding of the combination and balance of flavours, and the significance of hard work.

Of the Romany Restaurant days, Narciso could always be found at the back of house, preparing and cooking home-style meals for the famished patrons.  Today, you will still find him in the kitchen where he is in his element, preparing the sugo and ripieni. He is the essence of Golden Ravioli, our pasta specialist, never clocking off until all jobs are completed for the day.

Due to many years of experience Narciso is highly skilled in the art of pasta manufacturing and has a special knowledge to impart to the younger generations.  Not afraid of hard work and getting his hands dirty Narciso is ‘job satisfaction’ personified.  We are extremely fortunate to have him with us and can all learn and continue to learn from both his work ethic and approach to life.



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