Peter Staines


Making sure production runs efficiently and goods meet customer needs, Peter is our machinery man. A country boy at heart, he is handy with the tools not only at work but also around the house.

He will do anything for his kids, often running from one sporting event to another and back again. Great at making the classic Australian roast, Peter enjoys his rare downtime, and appreciates the simple things in life.

Peter wakes up in the morning whilst most of us are still dreaming.  On arrival at the factory he begins the cooking process and coordinates each work station.  Once ready to begin the day’s production he commences the all-important task of preparing the pasta dough.

Originally having started his career at Golden Ravioli as a courier, Peter has been in his current role for 15 years. Of a farming background, he has always taken a hands-on approach. Peter continually monitors and searches for ways to produce our pasta in the most efficient and effective manner in order to supply our customers with the desired finished product.

Peter’s consistent hard work, interest and engagement in his position means there will be new developments for him on the horizon at Golden Ravioli … watch this space!



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