Romany & Golden Ravioli featured in The West’s Play Magazine ‘Rewind’ Feature

Renée Lenzarini, Grand daughter of an original founder and third generation family member, celebrates her family’s multigenerational business and its rich history in this edition of PLAY magazine published during the Italian Film Festival 2022 season.

“This is a photograph of the Romany Cafe on William Street, Northbridge, taken circa 1960. Pictured is my dad, Danilo ‘Danny’ Lenzarini and my nonna Maria. 

Due to its popularity, the Romany Cafe tripled in size to become the famous Northbridge institution, the Romany Restaurant. The restaurant, our family business, was where I grew up. It is also where our second family business, Golden Ravioli, was born.

This photo and other historical images are often on display in our store, located on Fitzgerald Street in North Perth. It is a place where people feel welcome to reminisce and share their own special food stories and Italo-Australian tales, such as going with their parents or grandparents to buy fresh pasta from the back of the Romany.

Understanding our history through images like these has helped me to tell our family’s story, which is built on culture, heritage and tradition as well as an enduring reputation founded on authenticity and quality.

Being a third generation family member, I feel a responsibility to honour the past and our rich history as the oldest pasta makers in Perth. In the early days, the pasta that featured on the restaurant menu was made by hand. We created a video of the evolution of our pasta making process as a nod to this cultural legacy. Part one was played for cinema goers at the highly anticipated Opening Night of the ST. ALi Italian Film Festival hosted by Luna Palace Leederville. 

As the official Perth Festival Partner for the fifth consecutive year, we are delighted to support and help cater for such an iconic event.”

Please note:

“My nonno’s initial (‘F’ for Florindo) and that of his older brother (‘C’ for Carlo) can be seen at the top left-hand corner of the window: ‘F&C Lenzarini’.”

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