About Us

Golden Ravioli is a local premier purveyor of fresh pasta, proudly owned and operated by our family for over 55 years. In 1964 our founders, the Lenzarini brothers, launched Golden Ravioli in response to Perth’s growing love affair with fresh and authentic pasta. We continue to craft our distinctive, high-quality products with care and respect to our history.

Originating from Lucca, Tuscany, the same original recipes are still used today in the production of our Pasta Fresca collection and Pasta al Forno meals. Honouring our cultural traditions and food values, our specialities are Lasagna alla Bolognese and Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni, which are handmade fresh to order. We are now a third generation family business of Italo-Australians and, as the oldest pasta makers in Perth, we’ve built a brand our customers can trust and depend upon.