• Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli with cocoa & walnuts

    Recipe Inspiration:  The flavours and recipes of Thanksgiving Blog: Short and sweet from Renée Hello clubbers, Our final recipe of the year is an unexpected combination of pumpkin, chocolate and spice that is very, very nice. With a bittersweet taste and …

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  • Chicken & Spinach Agnolotti with Broccoli Pesto

    Recipe Inspiration:  Seasonal produce: Fresh winter vegetables Blog: Anita with Renée Hi there Clubbers! It has been a while between blogs. I hope that you have all been keeping safe, healthy and happy over the last few months. To me it feels …

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  • Lasagna alla Vegetariana

    Recipe Inspiration: A homemade variation of a new favourite Blog: Anita with Renée Hi there Clubbers! I’m stating the obvious here, but hasn’t it been HOT! I don’t know about you, but when it’s this hot all I want to do …

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  • Spinach Gnocchi with Pork Sausage, Cider & Cicoria

    Styling: Anita Parise Blog: Anita Parise Photography: Anita Parise Recipe & Inspiration: Basic but impressive Springtime recipes Welcome to Spring Clubbers! Winter has well and truly left us for another year, making way for the new season to ‘spring’ into …

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  • Fettuccine al Fungaiolo

    Styling: Anita Parise Blog: Anita Parise Photography: Anita Parise Recipe & Inspiration: Australian mushrooms – Meat for vegetarians Hi there Clubbers! I hope you have all been well since our last recipe entry.  I have been on a little hiatus …

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  • Melanzane di Nonna Pina alla Parmigiana

    Styling: Anita Parise  Blog: Anita Parise  Photography: Anita Parise  Recipe & Inspiration: When it’s cold outside! – comforting, heart warming recipes Creating this recipe pulled at my heart strings. It was the first recipe that I have made of my nonna Pina’s since …

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  • Tuscan Minestra

    Styling: Anita Parise  Blog: Anita Parise and Renee Lenzarini Photography: Anita Parise  Recipe & Inspiration: Winter warmers – Hooray for perfect pasta weather! There is nothing that warms the heart and soul more than a plate of pasta… except for maybe a bowl of …

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  • Pasta con le Sarde

    Styling: Daniele Foti-Cuzzola and Anita Parise  Blog: Daniele Foti-Cuzzola  Photography: Anita Parise  Recipe & Inspiration: Regional recipes and traditions of Italy  Renee: “Anita and I were very excited to collaborate with fellow devotee of la dolce vita, Daniele Foti Cuzzola of Dine with Daniele.  As …

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  • Linguine with Lamb Shoulder

    Styling: Anita Parise Blog: Renee Lenzarini Photography: Anita Parise and Josh Wells Photography Recipe & Inspiration: Preparation for the biggest feast on the ecclesiastical calendar Although the Easter holidays are a wonderful time of year, it is also the busiest here at GR. Yep, more …

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