Our Christmas Table

Styling: Renee Lenzarini & Anita Parise

Blog/Photography: Anita Parise with Renee Lenzarini

 In our recent GR Turkey & Cranberry Ravioli photo shoot, the topic of styling our table came up, and it was a pretty quick decision on how we wanted to do it… the end result being our version of an Australian themed Christmas. Renee and I tried a few different combinations of textures, foliage and candles to complement the china and combined all the above to create our version of the perfect Christmas table setting.

Often we forget about how we will dress our table as we are too busy planning our menus, sourcing our ingredients and baking our little hearts out in the days leading up to Christmas. The table is the blank canvas on which we serve our delicious food… so please, let’s not neglect it this year and make this year’s Christmas feast one to remember!

Here are our top 5 favourite styling tips for this year.

1. Keep it fresh. Go out into your yard (or your neighbours) and collect interesting foliage. Olive branches are wonderful as are eucalypts. If you don’t have an abundance of flora to choose from close by, you could always pop into your local deli that are also florists (you know the ones!) and ask for some greenery. We love the silver dollar eucalypt. We also used Geraldton wax, sourced from the vacant lot next door


2. Pretty flowers in gorgeous cut crystal vases or glasses make a fresh but not too crowded table centerpiece. Arrange them in clusters if you have a large long table or if simplicity is what you are after line them up side by side in the centre of the table. Candles also look great in these. For this step we used vases that were a bomboniere from a recent family wedding.


3. Pretty runners. Look for different textures and standout items – ones that will add a contrast to your table and complement your dinner wear. We placed a woven hot plate mat under our centre piece.


4. Pick a colour theme and use additional accents of colour to make your table pop.  Try and limit it to two colours – unless you are going a bright and multi coloured theme Our theme was predominantly gold with touches of red and green. We didn’t purchase anything for this shoot. Instead, we collectively sourced the crockery, glassware and knick knacks from home.


5. Go bargain hunting in your local wears, craft shop or $2 shop for Christmas wreaths, ornamental berry’s as they make a bland white tablecloth come to life without blowing the budget.

So whether you’re going O.T.T. or keeping it chic and simple, make this Christmas table one to remember.

We’d love to know how all our GR fans will be styling their tables this year.

Merry Christmas, Buon Appetito and Happy Styling!

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