Winner – City of Vincent Local History Awards 2023!

Behind the Scenes at Golden Ravioli. This photo of Danny Lenzarini, GR’s Owner, Managing Director, and Leader, has been announced as the winner of the City of Vincent Local History Awards 2023 – Contemporary Images category!

Thank you to the super talented Josh Wells Photography, City of Vincent, City of Vincent Library and Photographic Awards sponsor Claude Iaconi Real Estate. We are very honoured.

From City of Vincent Library:

“Danny Lenzarini at Golden Ravioli. Josh Wells took this photograph of Danny Lenzarini making fresh pasta in the kitchens of Golden Ravioli, 265 Fitzgerald Street in North Perth in 2021. This photo won first place in the Contemporary Images category of our Local History Awards.

“The judges decided on this as the winner because it is an action picture of a well-known local businessman and shows inside the kitchen and the pasta-making equipment. Golden Ravioli set up shop in Fitzgerald Street under Danny’s management in 1988, and he has worked there making fresh pasta ever since, following recipes passed down from his father.”

Thank you to Claude Iaconi Real Estate for sponsoring the Photographic Awards.”

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Pictured: Danny Lenzarini’s award-winning photo exhibited at the City of Vincent Library.

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